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Traditional scheduling approach causes uneven flow

  • Oftentimes, > 50% of appointments are scheduled inaccurately.
  • Visit durations are not based on data of actual time needed.
  • Individual schedulers enter their own interpretation of visit reason.
  • Uneven flow is a major cause of long patient waits, lost productivity, and higher staffing costs.


Intelligent scheduling advice that optimizes provider schedules and daily throughput

  • Service guides scheduler through right questions to ask patient.
  • Based on actual visit data, system recommends:
    • Accurate visit duration.
    • Consistent visit reason.
Use reliable visit duration and reason to:
  • Improve daily throughput.
  • Enhance care team's planning and anticipation of patient needs.
  • Predict when you're likely to run behind, or can add another visit.
  • Increase care team confidence in schedule, and successfully transition to more cost-effective call centers and online scheduling.