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Care teams struggle with running on time

  • Disparate systems (e.g., lights, flags, buttons) only tell part of story.
  • Doctors and staff need to sync up to coordinate what's next; each person wastes 20 to 60 minutes per day trying to manage the queue.
  • Without real time insight, the care team loses time, and patients wait longer.


Real time insight that enables care teams to proactively manage their day to improve efficiency and patient experience

  • Service conveniently displays where patients and team members are, and provides personalized views of what's expected next.
  • System continuously monitors wait time, prioritizes tasks, and enables better team coordination.
Use real time insight to:
  • Save provider and staff time, and improve team coordination.
  • Make mid-course adjustments to reduce patient waits.
  • Know when to handle an additional patient concern, and when to reschedule.
  • Monitor and level staff loads to improve efficiency, reduce stress.