About CadenceMD


CadenceMD helps healthcare organizations improve operational efficiency and patient and provider experience. We understand that healthcare leaders need better insight to successfully lead their organizations through the changing healthcare landscape, and effectively manage daily operations. But the compelling reason we tirelessly push to provide innovative technology solutions that improve the care process is because we believe that providers and patients deserve a better experience. Patients deserve to get an appointment when they need one, a satisfying visit process with no waits, and a care team that is prepared in advance for their visit. Doctors and staff deserve to have the right amount of time with each patient so they can deliver high quality care, and see the optimal number of patients each day.


CadenceMD solutions are built on 30 years of healthcare experience. Our rules-based software and analytics engine are based on knowledge and proprietary data gathered over years of working with health systems and physician groups to optimize patient flow.

We are committed to building solutions that:

  • Are easy to deploy and easy to use: Our solutions are integrated into the daily workflow, but don't require integration with existing systems, or IT staff to run them. Staff can be fully trained in less than an hour.
  • Result in sustainable improvements: Our dashboards provide direct correlations between process and outcome metrics, and make it easy to understand whether a change in process (e.g., reduced waits) results in a desired outcome (e.g., higher patient satisfaction). On-going measurement and best practice comparisons help sustain improvements.
  • Provide a significant return on investment (ROI): Our solutions focus on high-leverage processes that provide a rapid return on investment.