Improving profitability AND experience
by optimizing patient flow.

With sweeping changes in healthcare and rising operating costs, it's increasingly difficult to manage the bottom line. Physicians feel the pressure to see more patients and are frustrated with long days. Patients are unhappy with long wait times.


Discover how our integrated workflow solutions improve patient throughput

Enjoy Immediate Benefits

Transform your practice now!

  • Improve throughput by over 10%
  • Save hours each day, and reduce staffing costs
  • Decrease patient wait times by over 50%
  • Make the job easier for care teams and managers
  • Achieve immediate ROI of over 300%

Learn how we can help:


Achieve immediate ROI with no capital investment and nominal change requirements. Empower providers, staff and managers to optimize throughput and make a difference in your bottom line today.


Take control of your schedule. Enjoy a smoother daily flow, happier patients, and better teamwork. Get home on time, and have more fun being a doctor again.

Practice Managers

Access patient flow insights in real time. Support your care teams, level workloads, and reduce stress instantly - even if you're off site or in back-to-back meetings.

IT Leaders

Rely on CadenceMD for patient throughput solutions and leverage your in-house team for other pressing initiatives, such as Meaningful Use, ICD-10, population management, and ACOs.

Lean Consultants

With better visibility into the visit process, spend less time gathering data and more time leading the change process and implementing sustainable improvements in patient flow.

Scheduling Managers

Improve staff efficiency and the patient appointment scheduling experience. Enhance scheduling accuracy and receive kudos for enabling care teams to run on time.