Better Patient Flow for Doctors

Manage your patient flow with real-time insights, run on time,
and reduce costs with CadenceMD Flow Manager.

Schedule the right visit duration to optimize doctor time
and daily visits with CadenceMD Schedule Optimizer.

Easily track your patient flow process to discover inefficencies
and quantify patient experience with CadenceMD Visit Tracker.

CadenceMD helps clinics improve profitability and
patient experience by improving throughput.


  • Capture up to $50k/year in missed revenue and reduced staffing costs

  • Reduce patient wait times by 50% or more

  • Save time: enhance doctor and staff workflow

  • Get more accurate data and laser-focused insight: make better evidence-based decisions

  • Compare your patient flow performance to best practice benchmarks

  • Easy to deploy: no special hardware required

CadenceMD is for...


Enjoy immediate return on investment. Improve profitability and patient experience. Increase physician satisfaction and retention.


Achieve a smoother daily flow, get home on time, and have more fun being a doctor again!

Practice Managers

Reduce inefficiencies and operating costs. Improve job satisfaction. Get ready access to patient flow insights without manual calculations or a call to IT.


Have one less item on your plate. Leverage in-house resources for other pressing initiatives, like EHR, P4P, meaningful use, and ICD-10.

Lean/Six Sigma Staff

Get clear end-to-end visualization of the visit process — without your clipboard and stop watch. Easily identify and quantify improvement efforts.

Call Center Managers

Improve call center efficiency and appointment scheduling accuracy. Reduce need to transfer calls to MA to schedule appointments.